Frying Pan Creek

I thought I’d start off todays post by explaining how this little blog came about.  As you’ve seen we are a family who loves to camp and we wanted to meet some more like minded peeps so we created a “secret” Facebook group (this means that only the members of the group can see the posts) so that we could plan a monthly camp in a different destination each time. We invited friends and family whom we knew loved to camp and told them to invite others.  This way we would get to explore new areas and meet new people.

We also use the group page to share different tips and tricks and have a few laughs.  Its all in good fun!

Our first ever camp we planned was at Frying Pan Creek in the Chichester State Forest about 30 minutes from the small town of Dungog in the Hunter Region. The camp ground is quite easy to access with a 2WD and a caravan but in wet weather it would be recommended to have a 4WD as it can be quite slippery.

There is over 100 camp sites at Frying Pan with the creek for swimming, one drop toilet that is kept as best can be by Forest Rangers and a couple of tree swings.  The area is dog friendly but they are to be kept on a leash  at all times and obviously you need to clean up after your dog.

There is plenty to do up there from swimming in the creek, bush walking, 4WDing, fishing or take your push bike or motorbike and explore that way.

We arrived on the Friday on a beautiful sunny day to a flat camp ground of lush green grass and shady trees.  We set to work setting up camp with a stop for lunch and a quick beer.

We like to set up in  a big circle so that we can have a cosy camp fire in the middle.

That afternoon was spent relaxing around camp and Trish and I decided to take our cameras and go for an explore.


Can’t you just imagine this as a little fairy garden!

The next day we awoke to another beautiful sunny day and after breaky it was time to hit the river. The FREEZING cold river! The temperature stopped me from getting in but not the kids….or the big kids!

There was a perfect swimming hole not far from our camp that was about waste deep and had a nice little sandy beach to walk down into the water.


That afternoon there was a massive downpour of rain that lasted a couple of hours. But we didn’t let that stop our fun, we had  fantastic group of people and even though it was wet it wasn’t cold so it just didn’t matter.

We all ran from camp to camp pushing up canvas and quick shades making sure nothing caved in from the weight of the water and the kids played all afternoon in the rain.

Who needs an umbrella when you have a rubber dingy!
Time for some bubbles after the rain

That night we had planned to have a big camp oven cook up on the fire…sooo it was time to improvise and we all put our camp ovens on our little propane burner stoves and still managed to hook into a delicious roast whilst the rain kept coming.  It was a good test for everybody’s campers and tents because it rained steadily all night and luckily nobody got wet!

We awoke on the last day to another lovely sunny day.  We all had a slow breakfast having a big cook up.  There were smells of bacon, eggs, sausages and pan cakes all over the campsite and then it was time to pack up.  Luckily those of us with canvas campers and tents had all put tarps over the top so our setups were all quite dry.

After pack up on the last day we try our hardest to get a group shot at all of our camps, of course that doesn’t always workout for us but if we can manage it, its nice to have the memory of everybody that attended.

The Aussie Camping Capers Clan

Frying Pan Creek is a beautiful spot and we’ll definitely be heading back there, especially with so many different camp grounds to explore!



Ez & Trish



(Words by Ez, photos by Trish)