Cape York – Part 3 – The Old Tele Track

So it was time to hit the Old Telegraph Track. Another regret we have from this trip is that we didn’t just bite the bullet and do the entire tele track, we only did the northern half. We went in via Bramwell Station and saw that Palm Creek was a mess, it was very steep and muddy and there were old bits of 4WD’s scattered everywhere…looked like carnage ha! So we decided that we liked our ute’s a bit too much to trash them at the first crossing and headed up the bypass road, which in hind sight was probably worse! Those corrugations were nasty!!

This post is going to be a bit of a photo vomit, because once we did hit the Tele Track it was fantastic fun! So here goes.

All of the river crossings were so much fun until…..Nolans Brook….

We drowned our Nissan Navara! In short…we were unprepared.  We had been having such a good time going through all of the river crossings and had walked each one before driving through but didn’t have any of our recovery gear set up and ready to go in case of an emergency.

The ute filled with water up to the gear stick and with it so did all of our stuff in the back.  The boys acted quickly and set up the snatch strap and got it out and luckily a man in the group that went through before us was a mechanic so he and the boys in our group spent the afternoon working on our ute and got it going again for us whilst we emptied the back and dried out our gear.

We ended up spending the night at Nolan’s Brook and watching many many other groups cross the river…each one making sure they had their recovery gear ready to go before beginning….oops! (We soon found out that Nolan’s is notorious and many cars are actually lost there…in face we even bought a stubby holder that says “I lost my car at Nolan’s and still made it to the tip”).

The next morning we repacked all of the soggy gear into the car and headed off for the last river crossing, the Jardine River, which thank goodness had a ferry.  We had to stop every 5-10 minutes to drain the bottom of the fuel filter and then prime it back up again to get the water out of the fuel.

So we fueled up, paid for our Ferry Pass and crossed the river into Bamaga…

and then…


The Toyota Hilux died….

To be continued…


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