Country River Camp

A couple of Easter’s ago we decided that we wanted to do a big long weekend camp with a heap of our mates, the problem was that it was Easter Long Weekend and everyone else in the Hunter Valley had decided that they wanted to do the same thing.

Every local that we spoke to rained on our parade with every camp site that we could come up with “you will find it really hard to find a spot there, it will be packed” was the response to every destination.

But we persisted! Our trusty hubbies Marty & Mick decided they would go for a drive to find the property of a friend who said we could camp there if we wanted.  It turns out that they couldn’t find his property but they did find Country River Camp on Washpool Road, Booral, just outside of Stroud.


These are the pictures that they sent us and as soon as we saw all of that beautiful lush green leafy-ness we knew that it was the right place for us.

Country River Camp is a privately owned by a lovely lady named Margaret and her husband (who both love a chat).  The facilities are great with lovely clean toilets and showers that run on solar power, so make sure you get your shower in before the sun goes down and take a torch for the late night toilet run. There are no powered sites so you will have to supply your own power source, should you need it. Thankfully we have a great solar set up.

The pamphlet that we were given states that the activities are “bird watching, bush walking, play a family  game of cricket, soccer or touch footy, bring your camera along or put your canoe or blow up boat into the river”….in other words theres no activities at Country River Camp and its fantastic! There is no phone service….no interruptions. Just complete relaxation.

photo 1

The river was stunning but the water was pretty cold

photo 3 (7)

There were a few other campers set up when we got there, but we had the whole of one end to ourselves and we filled it!

We actually did play a family game of cricket which to this day I can safely say was the funniest game of cricket we have ever played and we did put our blow up boats in the river.


We had a fire each night that we sat around talking and listening to a good friend play his guitar, requesting songs and having a bit of a sing along.  It was a really great weekend!

So if you are ever in the Hunter and looking for a nice quiet place to stay. A place that has a beautiful leafy green back drop, a nice river to take a dip in and some good conversation with the property owners who have a wealth of local knowledge then visit Country River Camp at Booral.



Do you have plans for this years Easter Long Weekend? Feel free to comment below and fill us in!



Ez. x


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