Im addicted…

I had never been camping before I met my husband, not out of any dislike for it…I had just never really considered it.  Holidays were always at motel’s or cabins in caravan parks…Enter Marty into my life, he’s a camper, he’s one of those guys that takes his swag and his esky and sets himself up next to a fire by a lake or a river somewhere with his mates, so he set out to convert me.

Our first ever trip we headed off to BCF in the morning, purchased a tent and it poured…I thought to myself “surely we’re not still going” but apparently it turns out that my friends are diehard fans and insisted we still go…I was pretty horrified.  But you know what, it was one of the most fun weekends ever and I thought to myself, if this is going to get me holidays then I’m in!

Our set up and our gear has evolved over the years.  We started out with a little tent.



Moved on to a Roof Top Tent….

022 Adeles Grove

and now we’re in our decrepid old camper…


So to follow on from our first post, I’m Tricia’s sister Erin, but call me Ez, please follow along with us and share in our adventures, our favourite products, camping gear and tips & tricks that we’ve learnt along the way and if you have any advice or questions, drop us a line, we’re always up for a chat!


Ez. x




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