Can we do this camping thing?

About two years ago we went on our first camping trip. Feeling very unsure about whether or not this was going to be the right style of holiday for our family but we figured we might as well give it a shot. Resort accommodation really was getting out of our price range, especially with 4 kids. We borrowed a friends tent, planned a weekend away with my sister  & brother-in-law who were also new to this camping world  & off we went. Guess what, we’ve never looked back.

1st camp

I’m not saying I would knock back the opportunity to stay in a luxury resort if the option was there, but I can honestly say I really do enjoy roughing it in the great outdoors. Waking up with the sun & the birds chirping is an incredible way to start the day.


We tend to mostly “FREE CAMP” which means we stay in areas that don’t charge fee’s, like state forests, beaches,& national parks. Some of these places you do need permits  which are a small cost. There is no power of course & sometimes absolutely no facilities what so ever but we are pretty set up for those situations, but that’s for another post.


We never leave home without the cricket set, a soccer ball & push bikes. There’s lots of chatting, relaxing & crazy games of sport .We always seem to end up with random strangers joining in on the fun. It’s such a great way to meet people, some of these strangers have ended up becoming good friends  & even joined in on our camp.

There is nothing better than having your morning coffee or afternoon “happy hour” by a camp fire.


As you can see Erin & I really do love our photography & are happy to get in ridiculous positions to really try for that great shot!

Australia really is a beautiful place with so much to see from the city to the bush, the ocean to the desert  we hope to see it all & of course share it with you.

We will share the adventure, the set up, location reviews, tips tricks & products that we love & make camping with kids that much easier.So please bookmark our blog, follow us on Instagram & don’t forget to leave us a comment even if it’s just to say hi. Let us know your thoughts, ask us a question or  recommend your favourite camping spot.


Trish xo

(All photos used are our own, please ask permission before using them)


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